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 The time we spent in India – longer for someone, a little bit shorter for some other – is over and, taken by the beautiful light of the full moon of early April, here we are back to Italy. During Navaratri time everybody could devote himself in complete freedom and concentration to his prayer and meditation, while ashram activities kept going on regularly. School is going toward the final weeks and some of the students that are attending higher school already took their examinations with good results. The works for the flooring of the school were completed and it was starting the rebuilding of the boundary wall, a part of which fell down for the heavy rains of the last season. Maintenance works in the garden have also been done, such as various pruning and the cutting down of a big tree, unfortunately dead because of the damages suffered by the roots as a result of the action of some bad insects. Many patients were examined in the hospital (mostly eyes check) and about twenty of them were operated in order to remove cataract. At the end of Navaratri, Kumary Pujya was celebrated, a feast day during which food and Prasad was distributed to the kids of school and village , and to the many visitors present. Special thanks to Anil Baba, for His infinite effort, care and devotion.

by  Marcello, Adelio, Mast Ram, Bhagwan Bhadra